Gonzalo Plaza

Hey, welcome to my personal website. I'm a spanish engineer living in beautiful Madrid, Project Manager specialized in e-commerce and web products. Since 5+ years ago i've been working on several web projects like ClubKviar, Re-inventa, Cropti.com, Triavip and i'm a proud founder member of associations like Startcamp. Discover more about me right below.

What I Do

As engineer i'm focusing my professional career in the development of agile web projects and entrepreneurship from the technical, execution and product viewpoint, always taking care about scalability, marketing and business value. Most of the projects which i have been working for are currently offering services to hundreds of users and customers.


Who I Am

I studied Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and a 2-years Degree in Industrial Management Engineering (UPSAM, Madrid, 2004 - 2011). A native from Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), i came to Madrid when i was 18 to start a new life and getting good professional opportunities. I was always sure that Internet industry would be my vocation and it'm spending all my effort on it.


My Portfolio

During the last 5 years i've been involved in several web adventures. Right here you can fine some of them, but also you can check my (abandoned?) blog, connect at LinkedIn, or get in touch with me to know more about my professional experience and skills.

I always have worked as CTO, developer, IT architect and lead project manager for these projects.

Some technologies i'm using are Symfony 2/3 as PHP framework, AngularJS, Webpack2, Leaflet, Magento for ecommerce, Bootstrap / Chart.js - Highcharts for dynamic reports, Jira, GIT, Paymo, Lucidchart, Trello, Balsamiq and Basecamp for project management ... And lots of APIs for international payment methods, third-party integrations, e-mail marketing automatization and advanced marketing campaigns.

Ping me.

I'll be glad to meet you or help you with anything you would need.